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Very Special - $29.99 Complete Package (Update - November 2011)

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South Beach Smoke is an electronic cigarette company based in Miami Beach, Florida. They are considered by many to be the pioneers of the electronic cigarette here in the United States. While other companies were unsure of whether or not these new devices would even have a place in society, South Beach Smoke fully embraced the idea, investing heavily in research and development of this exciting new product. The result of this commitment made by South Beach Smoke is that we, as consumers are now able to enjoy the highest quality electronic, smokeless cigarettes at a fraction of the cost of much more inferior products just a few months ago.


South Beach Smoke was really the first company to introduce electronic cigarette “Started Kits”. These kits are aimed at people who have perhaps never tried and certainly never owned a smokeless cigarette of their own. They give consumers the chance to acquire a cigarette along with everything else needed for a very small outlay. The hope is that once people realize how good these products really are that they will return in the future to re-stock on cartridges and perhaps even but another cigarette to keep at work, in the car or maybe even as a gift for a friend or colleague who is desperately trying to quit smoking.


For a very limited time only, South Beach Smoke is offering their “Premium Started Kit” at the ridiculous price of just $29.99 here.

This $29.99 pack includes everything you need. That’s right, it includes:

  • The cigarette body (housing a high capacity Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery)
  • The atomizer (this is the part that produces the vapor)
  • The portable wall charger to recharge the cigarette’s battery when it eventually runs low
  • PLUS 6 Large Cartridge (The equivalent of 6 packs of cigarettes)

We are warned that this deal will not last forever and we can well believe it. We know the excellent reputation that South Beach have and the high quality of their products. Frankly you would struggle to find the cheapest China-made unbranded devices at this price point so don’t hesitate for too long.


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Updated November 2011