Electronic and Smokless Water Vapor Cigarettes in schools

The board of education in the Santa Monica area has recently cracked down on the use of vapor cigarettes by anyone on school premises in Santa Monica.

The board of education have added vapor cigarettes to the hit-list of items they consider to not be appropriate for use on school premises by students, visitors and staff alike. Vapor cigarettes, also known as smokeless cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are praised by many as one of the few alternatives to smoking normal tobacco cigarettes however. Vapor cigarettes provide not only a shot of nicotine but also the physical sensation of holding and inhaling from the cigarette.

It isn't very long ago the sale of vapor cigarettes to minors was outlawed in California in a similar move to the way that real cigarettes were restricted to young people all those years ago. Unlike a traditional cigarette, the vapor cigarette does not provide the inhaler with a ball of smoke but instead a vapor that, providing a nicotine cartridge has been installed into the smokeless cigarette, will contain a dose of nicotine without the other harmful chemicals that experts believe are in fact just as addictive as the actual nicotine.

The district of Santa Monica currently supports a program known as TUPE, the Tobacco Use Prevention Education. The district pumped around twenty-six thousand dollars into the initiative in 2009 so this shows how seriously they take the problem of smoking. Legislation covering the smoking of tobacco cigarettes in schools has existed for many years, imposed by central government however the scope of this legislation did not cover the electronic vapor cigarette until this recent expansion locally.

Many onlookers are worried that the ban on the battery powered electronic cigarettes may result in the uptake of the smoking of real cigarettes, the logic being that if a student is going to break the rules by taking an electronic cigarette to school then he may as well break the rules by taking a real cigarette to school. It is the realism of the vapor cigarettes that have made them as popular as they are with those hoping to quit smoking. Not only do they provide the sensation of holding something that is the same size as a cigarette but they also output the water vapor instead of smoke so that the feeling of inhalation is also present. What comes as a surprise to many who smoke a water vapor cigarette for the first time is that there is also a tiny amber colored LED hidden within the device that simulates the end of the cigarette glowing when the user inhales, looking just like a real cigarette would.