The parts of an electronic cigarette

The make-up of an electronic vapor cigarette varies by manufacturer and model although a number of common components are recognizable between them. In the more popular makes of e-cigarette you might expect to find the following:


1) Electronic Circuit

The Microcontroller

Although usually referred to as the circuit of the cigarette, this is really what is known in the industry as the logic board. Depending on the sophistication of the device, the logic board can contain numerous components from basic things like temperature sensing devices, LEDs and switches right up to expensive components like air-flow meters (to allow the e-cigarette to “activate” when the smoker sucks or puffs rather than having to remember to push a button or switch) and even microcontrollers (to allow the manufacture to control every aspect of the vapor cigarettes output and appearance). Due to the size of this section, it is usually housed in the white body part of a smokeless cigarette.



2) Battery

Electronic cigarette rechargeable battery

Today, the vast majority of electronic cigarettes employ the technology of the lithium ion battery due to its excellent electrical properties (namely its ability to hold charge and ease of recharging). This type of battery is very easy to recharge either at home or in the car. Many electronic cigarettes now even come as standard with a USB adapter and cable to allow the device to be easily recharged using the 5v supplied from a standard desktop or laptop computer USB port. Again due to the physical size of the battery, this is usually located alongside the logic board and other electronics inside the main body of the cigarette.



3) Atomizer

Detailed image of the atomizer

You may not immediately recognize this word, but you will probably recognize the component that it refers to and you have probably heard it referred to by its common name – the heating element. The Atomizer’s sole role is to turn the contents of the cartridge into a vapor that may then be inhaled. This is where the term vapor cigarette originates from. Because the atomizer, or heating element, reaches very high temperatures it is therefore a consumable item. The cost of replacing atomizers varies but it is generally one of the most expensive parts of the cigarette that will need replacing regularly.



4) Cartridge

Smokeless cigarette refill cartridges

The cartridge takes the place of what would be the filter on a traditional cigarette. The cartridge is the area that holds the liquid that is to be atomized and then inhaled. Cartridges are disposable, often giving the user the option to refill it several times with smokeless cigarette fluid or simply to dispose of it and replace it with another pre-filled vapor cigarette cartridge.