Smokeless Vapor Cigarettes on aircraft

It has recently been announced that there is a very strong possibility that the smoking of vapor cigarettes on aircraft will soon be banned by the US Government.
The US Secretary of Transport has stated that all passengers deserve to be in comfort during flight and that allowing passengers to smoke vapor cigarettes may diminish the comfort of other passengers aboard the flight.

It has been proposed that the ban will extend to the smoking of vapor cigarettes aboard all US domestic and international flights regardless of whether the airline is US based or not.
Officials within the industry argue that the move to ban vapor cigarettes in the skies would be a mistake and have reiterated that the vapor cigarettes do not emit any smoke whatsoever, hence their name smokeless cigarettes and therefore pose no threat to other passengers. With the recent announcement that vapor cigarettes are now prohibited on all Amtrak trains many people are very suspicious of the real motivation of the few people within government who are making the loudest noises in an attempt to curb the use of the vapor cigarette. It does seem very strange that despite the fact that vapor cigarettes are able to deliver nicotine while providing the user with the sensation of smoking, in a much safer way, that there are still people who would rather the general public smoked real cigarettes instead of smokeless cigarettes.