Vapor Cigarette Review

While making your daily purchase of candy, sodas, nicotine, and gas at a local convenient store one can’t help but notice the vapor cigarette and electronic cigarette cases that are usually positioned next to the cashier as you are checking out.  I personally remember seeing only one of these cases in the town that I’m from around 3 years ago yet, it seems that here recently they have been popping up at multiple convenient stores, I would like to provide a short vapor cigarette review, charting the progress they have made over the past few years and their integration into regular society and pop culture.

Now, I’m a curious person and love to research new products and eventually succumbed to myself and did a little digging.  What I surprisingly found was a newly formed group of ex-smokers who aptly call it vaping instead of smoking.  This really peaked my interest and eventually drew me into learning more about the product itself.

What I found was that there are 2 different parts that make up a vapor cigarette.  The first part that makes up the e-cigarette is the cartridge.  This part is located at the smoking end of the e-cigarette and is designed to hold the cartridge.  There is also a small hole at the end that allows you to inhale your desired flavored vapor.  The second piece is the heating element which is also known as the Atomizer.  This piece is located in the chamber of the e-cigarette and provides heat to the cartridge to activate the flavor and the shot of nicotine if provided and runs off of a battery.  I say if provided because, you can choose to have nicotine or non-nicotine cartridges.




Upon learning about the physical parts of the product my next question was the safety of electronic smoke compared to smoking a real cigarette.  If you can choose to have real nicotine then how is it different from smoking the real thing?  Turns out, when you burn a true cigarette, it changes the chemical structure in nicotine that causes harmful diseases, such as cancer, not to mention all of the added harmful components of a cigarette

Vapor cigarettes, on the other hand, use the atomizer to gently heat the oils inside the electronic cigarette cartridge to give you a hit of nicotine, if needed, without all of the harmful substances and toxins of a regular cigarette. 
One of the most compelling and interesting parts of a vapor cigarette and indeed a smokeless cigarette has to be the lengths e-cigarette companies have gone to make this product look, feel, and taste natural.  A high quality vapor cigarette will boast a good, natural feeling drag, slick design, vapors that appear to be cigarette smoke, and flavors that taste just like the real thing.  Vapor cigarettes even come equipped with a red led at the end of the smokeless cigarettes so that when you take a drag it slowly lights up giving the effect of a burning end of a real cigarette!

After reading review after review from consumers, it seemed that the best thing about this product is the smoker now has the ability to smoke virtually anywhere and is now conscious free about it because there are no more issues surrounding second hand smoke.  I also learned from consumers that after smoking for years they had suddenly quit smoking and joined the vaping culture.  Most of these said that when they began vaping they started out with nicotine shots and then eventually moved to the non-nicotine cartridges.  This was interesting to me because it seemed as if consumers were blatantly saying that they are more addicted to the physical aspects of smoking cigarettes than the actual concoctions inside of a real cigarette.

After reviewing and researching vapor cigarettes, I came away with a new respect for the product makers and the people that use them.  I believe that a product like this speaks volumes about the society that we live in today.  The consumers of the 21st century are a people that are trying to take better care of our bodies and communities, while thinking of new ways to be and stay “green”.   When smokers are willing to try and make a difference in this world and become more eco-friendly, then you have to stop and consider that we are moving toward a brighter and healthier future.