Smokeless Cigarettes

Demystifying Smokeless Cigarettes


Over the past few weeks we have been asked a number of times what exactly smokeless cigarettes are. It seems that the media, and in particular newspapers and magazines have begun to use the term smokeless cigarettes increasingly to describe electronic cigarettes that produce no real smoke, hence smokeless cigarettes. Although this seems straightforward enough now that we have explained it (or to those who were already familiar with the terminology) it is actually quite misleading to those who are new to smokeless cigarettes in general. Although smokeless cigarettes don't actually produce real smoke, they do produce a vapor (hence the oft used name vapor cigarettes) that mimics smoke. Indeed, this vapor is actually one of the main attractions to those hoping to quit smoking with the help of smokeless cigarettes as it gives a psychological trigger to the brain that the person has inhaled from a cigarette and fools the mind into believing that the nicotine shot was from a traditional and harmful cigarette rather than the healthier smokeless cigarette.